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Elevated Homes

As we are all now well aware, Brisbane is a flood prone city. In years gone by, a significant number of homes in Queensland were build on stilts or rather stumps. There were many reasons for this.

  • Ventilation will allow air flow under the house and up into the living area
  • Homes can be built in areas where flat blocks are not possible
  • Flood preventation.

Over the last couple of years fewer homes have been build using stilts or stumps as many existing homes have been renovated and built-in underneath.

As a result of this trend fewer people in Brisbane have practical experience designing desirable homes on stumps.

In the wake of the Brisbane floods of 2011, council regulations will demand that homes in flood prone areas be raised so as to avoid the devasting flood damage we witnessed recently. 

IDH have a team of designers who can evaluate  flood prone areas. As well as being able to design elevated homes, IDH have vast experience that will comply with council regulations and address your concerns about potential flooding.

Sloping, Narrow or Irregular shaped block?
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